Lovely night

Only get a few in life

Never thought it’d be with your type

Even tried to fight

Lost in time

You were never mine



How did things get to be so

Not just the ruffled sheets

But the ruffled feathers

Of those who know that we’re together

But those few

The ones that you’re still connected to

Make this thing a lot more than I’m used to

So tonight after you’ve gone and I clean up this room

Should this mess that I’m fixing

Include getting rid of you




How many times will I write about you
How many times can I write about you

When will it be too much
If that’s possible

When will I be over you
If that’s possible

How can I imagine what could have been
How is it that I feel that same hurt over and over again

Wish that they didn’t take you away
Wish our timing would have been better then I wouldn’t be here complaining

Time moves forward
Slowly, but still

Somehow I’ll make it through
I promise, I will

Put You In A Room

Wish I could just place you away
Not to punish, but to make you stay

You could have anything you want
But just not me

I can’t be around
When you hurt me continuously

I want to support you
However I can

You just can’t be my only priority
Be willing to understand

We could keep things the way they are
But that wouldn’t be right

So now I’m closing the door
And saying a final goodnight




They’ll always come first
And that’s how it should be

I just need to get used to that
But can I at least

Be a thought
Or a consideration

We have fun
But then there’s no conversation

You told me what is was
When we first started out

Sometimes it seems like there could be more
But I do have my doubts

Once the big reveal was made
It was clear that this needed to end

I just wish I had the strength
But my weakness always pulls me back in


Let Go

Let go

Of who you used to be

To become who you are

Let go

Of others expectations

That might help you get far

Let go

Of what you don’t need

To set yourself up for more

Let go

Of the fear

That keeps you from moving forward

Let go

Of those that don’t deserve you

To commune with those that do

Let go

Of your own self-importance

That will lead you to the truth