I can’t quit you

Though maybe that thinking is setting me up for failure


I mean I’ve tried once

That didn’t stick


Then you broke things off

I was sad but also happy about it


Though I knew that wasn’t really the case

I imagined it as this strength you had that I did not


It was mainly you overreacting

Though I guess I also “misunderstood”


You came back

And I was happy about that too


I tell you again we should end it

And you agree

I tell you we should have one last meeting to end it properly unlike last time

And you agree


Now we wait to see if it sticks…








Can’t have what you want

But that’s not really true

You want two things

Two things that are complete opposites

To please one part of yourself

Is to deny the other

Will you continue to torture yourself

Or will you make a choice

Can you make that choice

If 25 years is any indication I’d say no

But then again, making no choice

Is a choice in and of itself

Are you trapped to always deny part of you

Or are you bold enough to have your cake and eat it too

via Daily Prompt: Deny



Shame, power, fear, love

The reasons we hide from each other and ourselves


Secret lives we keep hidden

Hoping that the world will never be able to peek in


But slowly as we grow we decide to include others

Sometimes they stay while other times they may go


The purpose of secrets perhaps an attempt to protect ourselves or others

From pain, heartache, embarrassment,


In protecting ourselves however

We sometimes hurt others


And we always hurt ourselves


Opt Out

Is a mentor something that is deserved
Or merely needed
How do you know if they've abandoned you, or whether you're just paranoid
Too paranoid to reach out
That just makes you sound stupid if you tell anyone
Have your insecurities about relationships infected every area of your life now
Who can say…


After what you’ve done do you deserve rest

So you close your eyes and dream of all the things you’ve missed

Or the things that you have messed up

For yourself

For others

A nightly reprieve 

All you need to absolve yourself of your sins 

Just to make the same mistakes over again 

When will you learn

You’re only true reprieve will need to be earned

But the how is something you’ll have to learn

On your own 

Until then you shall be cursed to roam from place to place 

from sin to sin 

Until you correct what is truly wrong within


How depressing it would be to have nothing left to learn

To have illuminated every dark alley, discovered every turn


Yet, in our pursuit of knowledge we must press ever forward

Giving us new ideas with which we should never get bored


To think that we have every learned it all would be a foolish thing at best

And at worst it could stop us from preparing for whatever’s coming next


They tell us that knowledge is a terrible things to waste

But, let’s make sure we don’t push to hard and jeopardize things with our haste

Man In Mirror

The man in the mirror has gone astray

He was wishing things would stay the same

But, there has been so much pain he could never turn back

I’ve broken the mirror and now my next seven years are turning black


A true piece of art is something that cannot be rushed


It comes to you with each tap on the keyboard, stroke of the brush or movement of the pen


But if you don’t get it down when it first hits you

That spark may not come back again


Fleeting moments of inspiration can lead to some of our greatest creations


So write songs, create dances, start that new paintng, because when it calls you in that moment

You can’t leave art waiting